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Merlin Magix

Merlin Magix 4400 Series telephones
  24 station ports
  8 Touch-Tone Receivers as shared system resource
  Runs on Merlin Magix system only
  Clamshell required for Merlin Legend carriers 61804 ...

Merlin Magix 100 DS1 Module with CSU/DSU
  Connects one DS1 circuit (24 channels) that can be configured for either T1 or PRI service
  Built-in CSU/DSU for Merlin Magix Release 1.5 or higher
  Limit three DS1/INA modules per system; limit two per carrier
  Runs on both Merlin Legend and Merlin Magix systems
  Clamshell required for Merlin Legend carriers 61880 ...

Merlin Magix 100R Integrated Network Access (INA) Module
  Integrates Internet access and telephone connectivity on a single T1 line ... for T1 or Primary Rate Interface (PRI) service
  Compatible with Merlin Magix system only
  Must be installed in the first slot of the Merlin Magix Expansion
  Limit three DS1/INA modules per system; limit two per ...

Merlin Magix 400 E&M Tie Line Module
  Eliminates toll expenses and adds a true Private Branch Exchange (PBX) feature-tie line support
  Connect your Merlin Magix System to a remote PBX or another Merlin Legend/Magix System, allowing all calls between systems to be handled as internal ...

Merlin Magix Clamshell Housing
  The new Merlin Magix Integrated System and the existing Merlin Legend System accept most ... Line 800 DID 800 NI-Basic Rate
  Interface Modules that fit Merlin Magix System only: 412 TDL 024 TDL 100R INA Modules that fit Merlin ...

Merlin Magix Control Unit
  Build your Merlin Magix System by starting with the Merlin Magix Release Control Unit. The control unit includes: Merlin Magix Basic Carrier Unit w/Power Supply
  Has six slots to accommodate line ... modules (the first slot must be reserved for the Processor)
  Merlin Magix Processor Release Provides the backbone for the MERLIN MAGIX system
  Comes with its own power supply Merlin Magix WinSPM Release 7.0.

Merlin Magix Expansion Carrier w/Power Supply
  A second or third carrier that consists of a backplane, cabinet, cover, 491D1 power supply, and mounting brackets
  Expands the Merlin Magix Basic Carrier by adding 6 universal module slots for line and ... to a plastic carrier that is upgraded from a Merlin Legend to Merlin Magix Release 2.0 system for the purpose of installing an Integrated ...

Merlin Magix

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